AVATAR Airsoft Toy Grenade Standard Essential Pack (MK.1) (NOT REAL)

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    Model No. : AVRGRD-D-0001

    (~USD 180.46)


    -Item Weight: 350grams (With package)
    -Length: 88mm
    -Major Color: Black

    Production Description    

    The AVATAR Grenade is designed to be modular with its innovative CORE & SKINZ concept, where 1 CORE unit and 1 SKINZ unit makes 1 grenade. The CORE itself determines how the grenade detonates, whereas the SKINZ mainly focuses on its performance and obviously, the look. This means that there will be alternative SKINZ that offer different arrays of BB containment and spread of BBs, and different CORE for different detonation methods. The upgrade potential for this grenade is endless, hence it was granted the title: World's First Smart Airsoft Grenade. 

    AVATAR Grenade is an incredibly durable impact grenade capable of withstanding the harshest of conditions. This is all made possible due to way it was designed. The core itself is made out of CNC aluminium with a stainless steel piston. The core is what determines how the grenade detonates. The material of the shell encasing the core is made out of a high density plastic mixed with fiberglass meaning that future external and internal modifications will be released in the future. 

    It is one of the more simple grenades one can use. Once screwed all together, gas is inserted into the base, which you can insert for up to 20 seconds, and the cap at the top is how one can tell whether the grenade is in safe or not. If you cannot press it in, it's in safe. Turn the cap and you will eventually be able to press it inwards. It is now off safe and will expel BBs and gas on impact. The 6 circular holes you see around the top and bottom rim of the grenade is where one inserts the BBs. Overall, it will contain up to 75 BBs and will disburse at around 150 fps on impact. 

    Knowing that the AVATAR Grenade can withstand quite a lot of damage and the materials used, you're getting an exceptional grenade for the price as it will last you a very long time and will be used repeatedly without showing any signs of breakage or slowing down. Very rugged skinz ranging from high impact nylon fiber to rubber surfaces that allow you to bounce the grenades towards your enemies, the AVATAR is the coolest grenade to hit the Airsoft market in a long time!

    Package includes the following:
    -AVATAR Grenade Case. 
    -AVATAR Grenade Core. 
    -AVATAR Dog Tag Key 
    -2x Spare O-Rings For Core Piston 
    -AVATAR Grenade User Manual

    *Warning* This particular MK1 Grenade does NOT come with a light-up module version. However, that version may be released in the future.

    Many optional skinz will be released very soon, with additional plug-in modules that provide a blinking light when armed, and wireless module for remote detonation. 

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