ORBITOR Spy Listening and Recording Device TM341

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    Model No. : TM341

    (~USD 32.23)


    -Weight: 734grams

    -Major Colour: Black

    Production Description    

    -Brand New Orbitor Electornic Listening and Recording Device, can hear up to 300 feet away

    -Powerful enough to hear Football player's conversation from the other end of field

    -Listen what baseball player's talk inside the dugout

    -Bird watchers can hear bird calls and animal sounds much clearly


    -Package Included:
    -Parabolic sound catcher, can hear 300 feet away

    -10x prism optical monocular

    -12 seconds sound recorder (can output to other record device for unlimited time recording)

    -Comfortable, padded full-size headphones

    -The above item which is made in China. Please consider thoroughly about the corresponding risks before making a purchase

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