Madbull Precision Dark Knight Tracer 0.25g BB 2000rds (Green) MB-BB-DKT025

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    Model No. : MB-BB-DKT025

    (~USD 16.76)


    -Item Weight (gram): 546

    -Major Color: Green

    -Manufacturer: MadBull

    Production Description    

    -High Precision Grade Airsoft BB from

    -Madbull Precision BB series, all have a standard size of 5.95 +/- 0.01mm with precision lapping and polishing processes

    -Suitable for all Airsoft Gun - AEG, Pistol, Rifle....etc that use 6mm BB

    -Perfect sphere shape & smooth surface

    -Made of high strength/tough materials

    -Good BB means less drift by wind & shoot straighter

    -Quality of BB is important for prolonging the life of your Airsoft Gun


    * Please note that tracer unit is recommend to use in conjunction with DARK KNIGHT TRACER SERIES

     *NEVER RE-USE BB as High Quality BB is very sensitive to dirty & mud

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