XCortech XT601 High Brightness UV Full Auto Tracer (-14mm CCW) Black

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Model No. : SIL-0019

(~USD 54.78)


-Item Weight (gram): 60
-Length: 75 x 37mm (L x Dia.)
-Battery Type: AAA Batteries x 2pcs (Not Included)
-Barrel Threaded Type: -14mm Counter Clockwise
-Major Color: Black
-Built Material: Aluminium Housing with Plastic device
-Manufacturer: XCortech

Production Description    
-A high-brightness LED tracer compatible with 14mm Counter Clockwise Thread and compatible with phosphorescent BB bullets.
-As a feature, models that use built-in lithium batteries are mainstream in similar small tracers, but this model uses AAA batteries.
-Considering that the product itself will not be usable due to the life of the battery in the future, it will be a great advantage.
-It looks like a Muzzle Brake which is similar size with Licensed Noveske N2 Flash Hider
-In addition, it is equipped with convenient functions.
-Auto power ON/OFF function by motion sensor
-High-brightness LED illuminates evenly from 2 sides
-High cycle compatible (30 shots per second)
-Battery level indicator (gradual display in green/yellow/brown/red luminescence)
-Battery protection function

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