What currency we are using for the items?
All the items are in HK, US, EURO, GBP, AUD Dollars. For other currencies, please contact sales@sealairsoft.com

What payment method do we accept?
At the moment, we accept Paypal or Western Union Only
Where do we ship to?
At the moment, we ship out to worldwide normally, But some countries such as Australia , Netherlands or others prohibited import of airsoft guns. However, we still ship combat gears and accessories to these countries.If your country is not listed above, please contact sales@sealsairsoft.com for more information about shipping.
How do we ship the items to you?
For express shipping, we will deliver the item by the choice EMS Only
For standard shipping, we will ship the items to you either by Registered Mail Only
Do we offer discount for combining shipment?
We calculate the shipping by the weight of each item, therefore, we do not have discount offer for combining shipment. However, we do offer shipping discount for wholesales or bulk purchase order, for more information please contact sales@sealsairsoft.com.
Do we have wholesale and drop shipping service?
Yes, we have wholesale service with shipping discount and we offer drop ship service where we can ship directly to your customers on behalf of your company which will provide you faster turnaround time and big saving on shipping.
When will you receive the order?
We will process the orders once payment has been confirmed. We typically ship out the order within 2 to 3 business days, and for items required modification or tailor-made work, it may take up to 5 to 6 days for labor, however delivery time is not guaranteed.
What happens if you receive a faulty product?
Our customer service team will be here to assist you. Please contact sales@sealsairsoft.com and send the details including order number, model number, photos of the faulty product and description of the faulty product.
How can you track your order?
We will provide tracking number for your shipments. Please contact sales@sealsairsoft.com for more information.
Is there any import taxes or duties?
Customers are responsible for the custom and import duties.
Can I reuse BBs?
We do not recommend you to reuse the BBs, since the used BBs may be bended and deformed which will damage your guns.
How do we handle the orange paint and the trademark on the gun?
For US customers, the US Federal Law requires every airsoft gun to be installed with an orange tip. All real gun trademarks are required to be removed. Generally, there won’t be no orange tip for customers outside US.
Do we have a return policy?
The return policy applies to any purchase made through sealairsoft.com retail website. We offer a 7 Days Return Policy for factory defective items from the date of arrival at your shipping address. Customer is responsible for the return shipping costs.
Is there any requirement for the return item(s)?
The returned item from customer must meet the requirements stated below:
•Customers are responsible for shipping charges when they are returning any of the merchandises.
•Any item lost in the mail will NOT be responsible by sealsairsoft.com.
•Customized products are not refundable in any circumstances.
•All returns, for any reason, must be packaged with instruction booklets and all other supplied accessories when it was first delivered to you.
•Before you return your items, you must contact us and receive a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA). Any returns sent without a RMA number will not be accepted by Sealairsoft.
•Please include the following information when returning an item.
•The RMA number requested from our customer service team.
•A copy of your original invoice with the RMA number (inside the shipping box).
•A note stating the reason of the return.
How much would be the shipping cost?
The shipping cost is calculated by the weight and dimension, shipping location and shipping method of the shipment. Therefore, the heavier and bulker your item is, the higher the shipping cost. The cost varies while the shipping location and the shipping method change.
Are the AirSoft products legal?
Airsoft guns and playing airsoft is legal in most parts of the world, but not all. Some countries have specific restrictions such as maximum muzzle velocity, aka fps (feet per second) rules against using the trademarks of real firearms, and 'unrealistic' coloring as to distinguish them from actual firearms.
Airsoft is illegal for most practical purposes. Australian law classifies Air and BB guns as "Category A" weapons, placing then in the same class as break-action shotguns and rimfire rifles, and acquiring a license to possess (e.g.) a pistol requires a rigorous and laborious process of police background checks. You must also have a legitimate reason and be able to prove that reason before you are allowed possession of a firearm.
For New Zealand and Germany, you are required to have a firearms license in order to import airsoft guns. And you may only import semi-auto airsoft guns to New Zealand and Germany.
For Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, the import of airsoft guns are prohibited.
Please contact your local customs for more information on importing airsoft products.
What are Joule and FPS?
The unit of Joule is used to measure the energy of a BB impacted with a target. For one joule is the work done, or energy expended, by a force of one Newton moving one meter along the direction of the force.
FPS is the feet per second, it measures the speed of the BB without taking the weight into account.
What is our business hour?
Our online shop opens 24/7. For customer service and order processing, please allow up to 2 business days for us to reply your enquiries and process your orders.
I don't receive any response from your email, why?
Please allow up to three business days for us to reply your emails, and please check with your junk email folder, because sometimes your email filtering may block our emails.
Please contact us directly by phone if you have any questions about this issue.
Sales and Discounted item policy.
All sales are final for discounted items. Return and refund policy are not applied on those items.
Stock availability and Back Order Items.
In order to process the order in an efficient way, we will ship the available items first and back order the unavailable items. The back order shipment would NOT cost you any extra shipping charges. Your back order will be shipped as the first priority once the items back in stock.
What does an "out of stock" item mean?
“Out of stock” means the item is temporarily unavailable. Once the item is re-stocked, it will be available for purchase again. If you don't want to miss the item, please visit our website regularly.
Can I order the item which is out of stock?
For currently out of stock items, we will try our best to restock them. Once restock, we will update our website immediately. Please regularly visit our website for updates.
Can this item be used on my Real Arms?
Yes it could fit, but no it's not been designed for real weapon recoil and can easily fail when you need it most. The life expectancy of some scopes, lasers, and reddot will be greatly reduced due to recoil from real weapons and there is no return or refund on these items if the fail on real weapons.
All airsoft guns, gas blowback guns and spring guns are NOT real firearms.
Also note Airsoft Vest and helmets won’t stop real bullets!
Can I cancel my order?
Yes, you can cancel your order by sending email to sales@sealairsoft.com. However, order cannot be canceled once it was already packed or shipped. Once it is shipped, no refund will be made for items or shipping costs.